1. Kaweco Classic Sport Rollerball Pen Magnetic Silver Limited Edition

    Acquired and collected some time ago, the Kaweco Magnetic Silver Rollerball Pen (“Magnetic Silver”) is one of Penandtool’s prized collections.
  2. Kaweco DIA2 Amber Set Limited Edition

    Pen & Tool was able to secure the last remaining few DIA 2 Amber Limited Edition sets and you might just be lucky to get one with an auspicious or special limited edition number! Stay tuned and don’t miss the golden opportunity!
  3. "Kaweco x Hello Kitty" AL Sport Fountain Pen Limited Edition

    When Hello Kitty meets Kaweco, what ensues is this beautifully designed and crafted “Kaweco x Hello Kitty” Limited Edition Fountain Pen – an exquisite writing instrument!
  4. Kaweco AL Sport Midnight Green Limited Edition

    The Kaweco Midnight Green Limited Edition Fountain Pen, of matt finish, is accentuated by an all-black trim: PVD plated black stainless steel nib and black Kaweco logo coin on the cap top.
  5. Zippo and Douglass

    Take a peek at our upcoming selected lighters from Zippo and Douglass!
  6. Agat Diver Watch

    A hefty name for the heftiest of diver watches
  7. Kaweco LUXE SPORT Ballpoint Pen (Discontinued)

    We are glad to announce that Pen & Tool have secured the last 20pcs of this little gem: Kaweco LUXE SPORT Ballpoint Pen, from Kaweco!
  8. Higonokami Guide

    Higonokami: A Comprehensive Guide from History to Maintenance
  9. Kaweco FAQ

    Everything about Kaweco!
  10. Michael Gutberlet of Kaweco

    We met Michael Gutberlet, CEO of Kaweco pens, for an interview in which he tells us all about the history of the brand and explains best strategies to keep his products at the cutting edge of quality and innovation.