About us


Good day! Welcome to Pen & Tool.


We’re Louisa & Helen, the founders of Pen & Tool. We’ve been working in the stationery industry for more than 10 years. We used to be in the wholesale business, but now we’re designing and sourcing unique products from around the world and selling them directly to you.


The chain stores and big shops used to be our clients. Now they’re our competitors. And we’ve learned some things about them over the years. For example, they charge high commission and prices because they want lots of profit (or at least that’s not the only reason). Not exactly. They do it because they are inefficient. They are big and chunky with multiple layers of separation from top to bottom, each layer is an added cost and inefficiency. Not to mention traditional marketing, which is very expensive. They are incapable to be efficient and these factors alone could account for 30-50 percent of the cost of product.  


So we’re doing something different at Pen & Tool. We, a small team, ship from our favorite factories directly to our warehouse in Hong Kong and directly to you. Without middlemen or layers. That alone brings down the cost. That’s good for you. It’s also good for the environment.


And unlike the big shops, we act quickly on ideas by delivering unique and cool products. We’re talking cool colors. Limited quantities. Expert craftsmanship. Distinctive finishes. If you are familiar with Kaweco, you may have heard of Rose Gold, Lagoon Blue, Serenity Blue, Rose Quartz and Lilac, which were our collaboration works and there will be more, so stay tuned and they might speak to you!


Find what you love, you can order it online and we’ll deliver it to your home.


Keep things simple! Thanks again for stopping by Pen & Tool.


Louisa & Helen